Monday, July 14, 2014

My new favorite thing: kayaking,

      My first week working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay was the best week. I went out for my first kayak experience this summer and learned how to kayak. The weather was good and mostly sunny. There was no wind. The river were very relaxing. This is my first year with a kayak. I tried and I was putting away the idea until I went with Sej, Luke, Preston and Nhu. I really liked kayaking. After the first time I was hooked am definitely trying to organize one more experience with friends and my family. I also I saw some people fishing. One thing I want to mention before I forget is that I got really sore and I'm sure my friends and I will get some exercise at the same time.

      I saw that kayaking is a really fun water sport for people of all ages and seems safe even to bring little kids along. They can play with water while not being in it completely. I think most people stick close to home when kayaking just like I did. I went a very short distance, but  it seems very simple to travel with a kayak to exotic and nice locations. In fact, some of the most spectacular locations to kayak, such as oceans, mountain streams, and even lakes, require that you travel. I am sure there is some ways to make traveling with a kayak easy no matter your mode of transportation. I am sure it is a good sport but also could be a great racing sport. From my one day experience I would advise people to go kayaking with friends and family as it would be fun. We had a blast. Now I'm ready to go again!

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