Monday, July 14, 2014

An Eventful Day

Today at the Boston Children's Museum, it was an eventful and exciting day.

We started the day normally: taking our supplies from the utility closet, cutting up bait, throwing in the crab trap, and setting up the fishing rods. Maybe it had something to do with the type of bait we used.

In the morning, Bruce brought us a bucket of fresh quahogs for the day. We usually use herring or bass for bait. Within the first hour, we caught not just one spider crab but two!
Candido, Lead Harbor Explorer, and I cracking a quahog

Also, we have been chumming the waters with white bread and a few saltine crackers. Candido, our Lead Harbor Explorer, and I spotted a few striped bass close to the underpass. We often see the stripers after our lunch break at about 2 pm.

While we try to catch the stripers, we like to talk to the kids and family we see about what they find in the channel each and every day. Many kids and even parents are surprised to see how many different types of creatures swim below them.

Sam, Senior Harbor Educator, fishing for a striper

It was a fun day filled with sun, laughter, and teachable moments. I am hoping for many more days like this one at the museum.

See you on the pier,

Iris Ayala

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