Monday, July 14, 2014

Off to a Great Start

We kicked off our first week of the Boston Harbor Explorers program at the Children's Museum. This is my 2nd year at the site, and I'm looking forward to all the experiences, seeing new faces, and creatures we will catch off the pier of the Fort Point Channel.

My team at the Boston Children's Museum is LHE, Candido, JPAs, Marco, Sumtoo, and Edward. I'm really excited about what we can accomplish at this site.

As the week comes to a close, we've caught green crabs, spider crabs, cunners, moon jellyfish, and tunicates. Candido, our Lead Harbor Explorer, and I are currently dedicated to catching one of the mysterious striped bass that roam the waters of the Fort Point Channel each day around 2 PM. With the help of Sam, a Senior Harbor Educator & fisherman extraordinaire, we will catch one soon enough.

Candido, Lead Harbor Explorer, showing the crowd a spider crab

We've experimented with many types of bait such as herring, quahogs, and bread. We still have some tricks up our sleeves and plenty of summer to catch a striper!

See you on the pier,

Iris Ayala

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