Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The end of a great third week


This week has been the best so far. As always we caught  green crabs and spider crabs. This week was a big surprise, because we use crab traps to catch the crabs. But a baby flounder swam inside one of the traps. Last week we caught a striper, and then, we let it back to the wild. Just when we thought we weren't going to catch any more fish, we caught a pier fish.

 photo IMG_0842_zps75dd8dba.jpg
Ever since I've gotten over my fear of holding crabs, I love holding the crabs and showing them to people who want to see them. I always love how the kids always seem to be so involved with wanting to fish and helping catch the crabs. Whenever there's a crab trap to be pulled out of the water, I always think its nice to get the kids to help. I always ask the kids to work as a team. Lately we have been getting more parents to sign photo releases, so we can take pictures of the kids having fun. This has been a great summer so far. I am enjoying working for Save the Harbor, and I continue to look forward to the remainder of the summer.

Be happy and have fun,


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