Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Youngsters at Piers Park

I absolutely love that I spend half of my day at Piers Park and the other half at McDonough because the kids in the morning are younger than the kids in the afternoon. I like that because I get to work with kids of different age groups. In Piers Park we do not catch nearly as much as we do in McDonough but when we do the kids get extremely excited; the same group hangs out by the touch tank almost everyday and tries to figure out who is going to win the crab race we have every day before we go. The kids get really bummed when their crab decides it does not want to move; today especially the crabs were not having it, they only moved a little bit.

Since the kids at Piers Park are so young a lot of them ask for help every day on how to cast the line and I like helping them. It is cute seeing them try a couple of times until they finally get it and the sense of accomplishment that they have when they finally do is great. Considering that I just learned how to use a fishing rod I cannot get it out that far, but to the kids it seems pretty far so they get amazed every time. I am looking forward to what the rest of the summer is going to bring with playing with the kids, fishing with them and doing lots of different things. 


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