Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Rain That Never Came

So far this week the weather has not looked sunny, but was always cloudy and making everyone feel as if it was going to rain. The weather hasn't been much help but this week at Piers Park we have caught our first spider crab and our first red rock crab. For a week where much was not promised it's been great because after we caught our first crabs that are not invasive, trapping crabs becomes much easier as if we have broken a curse. The kids all really loved the red rock crab because many of them had never seen it before and when they laid eyes on its beautiful red shell all the kids fell in love. I was also really happy because the kids had an opportunity to see a red rock and a spider crab, we are always catching green crabs and they are not even from the area.
Me Donovan and Our First Spider Crab

I'm really excited that one of the harbor explores from last year, Donovan, came back for a second summer. Donovan was one of the most enthusiastic kids that I worked with last year and he's really excited that his brother can join him in the program next year because right now he's only four. Donovan loves fishing so much that he had asked his Mother to buy him a fishing rod. Donovan had received his gift and last year he always had his fishing rod in hand when arriving to the park. In fact before we would see Donovan all you would see is a rod sticking up in the air and everyone knew that it was Donovan making his way through the Park. This year Donovan still has his fishing rod but he hasn't brought it in yet because he wasn't sure if he should or not but he said when he could he would bring it in and show everyone what an awesome fishing rod he has.  

-Jazeel Mendes

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