Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Mother Load Of Lobsters

When it comes to catching Lobsters, McDonough never fails to disappoint. Whenever we go out to check on the trap we always return with at least three Lobsters. I don't really eat Lobsters, but when we catch them I'm always so interested to figure out if it's a boy or a girl and whether it's pregnant or not. I really love McDonough because of the kids, but more because everything there is plentiful. We are always catching a lot of Crabs and Lobsters and all of the kids really love playing with all the sea creatures we catch. When we first bring in the lobsters the kids are afraid to touch them but once they learn how to hold it and see that they are generally harmless they each line up to hold the Lobster. This week for example it's only been two days and we have caught four Lobsters and someone is going to be having an amazing dinner because I hear that Lobster tastes really good.
Our Second Biggest Lobster Yet

Unfortunately, the weather has not been the greatest this week but we never fail to use our imagination to make the most out the situation. We found a bunch of dried up crabs shells and legs and claws on the beach, so we had an great idea to see if we could rebuild one of the crabs. We were actually able to piece together two Green Crabs and they looked as if they were whole again- just not breathing. This was also a great learning opportunity for many of the kids because we were able to show them how many legs a crab has, which claw went where, and what purpose each of them served. The kids also learned how to tell a Green Crab apart from the rest of the other crabs, you simply count the spikes on the crabs shell and it should spell out Green.   
The Crew Piecing Back Together a Green Crab 
-Jazeel Mendes


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