Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh my Tautogs!

What a beauty: The Tautogs we spotted right under the Courageous dock.
Well, what can I say, this week's weather has been terrible due to the rain and hot, muggy weather. That most definitely did not stop Save the Harbor from having fun. Monday, at the Courageous Sailing Center when we arrived, got our equipment ready, and started walking down to the dock we were pleasantly surprised by what we had spotted. There were two big Tautogs right below the dock, just swimming back and forth, so close to the surface that I could actually grab them right out of the water. Right there and then, thats when we all knew the fun began. We spent the whole two hours trying to catch them, even with the help from the amazing fisherman Sam, we still could not catch them. They were too smart.
If only you could have seen them with your own eyes.

Sej showing how you can tell the crabs gender.
The fun didn't quite stop there. After that we were also joined by a group of 18 students and their counselors. We never had that many people at once join our group, so it was very exciting. Also the fact that for many of them, it was the first time holding and interacting with real life sea animals such as crabs, sea stars, etc. it was pretty interesting and funny to see their reactions. We look forward to many more people that will come and join our fun like this group.

Catch you later,

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