Monday, August 15, 2016

At Atlantic Wharf........

At Atlantic Wharf

  Good morning everyone, on Friday July 15 Christian, Bella, Chris, Luke, and I were at Atlantic Wharf, funnest spot of all access. What we do at the Atlantic Wharf is we participate with the kids on fish printing or fishing and talk about a story about the pirate but the most fun part of the day at Atlantic Wharf is that kids enjoy eating burritos. I and the staff help out to give some burrito to the kids but they ask for chicken because they don't like the veggie burrito or spice burrito so they ask for chicken. Also, kids could play a game with a pirate guy to pretend that they jumping of the boat it was so funny because kids really think that they are really a pirate. I was a fisherman at Atlantic Wharf I waiting for a fish to get hook on but I guess it didn't so I could show the kids how to catch one at the Harbor beach but at least we got some crabs. When I was showing the kids the crab I was playing around with there claw so when I was about to show the kids the crabs the crab pitch me so I tossed it on the floor the kids was like I killed it but I was like no it's still alive but make sure never play around with crabs that are really aggressive. Also, when I was taking the spot for fishing and crabs catching i told the kids at the end of the day we could toss the crab in the water or let them have a race but they heard me wrong one of the kids toss the crabs in the air and it the dock i was running towards the kids to tell them not to throw the crabs in the air toss them in the water i was like oh my god these kids are crazy. But it was a great day seeing the kids having fun at Atlantic wharf one of the girl said in the microphone that is the best field trip ever and she wish to come back i felt excited and nervous because the kids are very wild and crazy with the crabs.   

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