Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We Caught A Lobster!

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday was amazing at Spectacle Island for Staff Day. We all gathered at the pier and took pictures which was fun because we rarely get to spend time together as an entire staff. When we got to the Island we had an hour to play sports or go in the water. Rusenny and I went to tan for a while then we got in the water which was so cold but after turned out to be amazing. We relaxed then ate lunch as we listened to music. In the end the whole staff got into the water, it was nice to see everyone smiling and splashing in the water, shows the inner child in all of us which is a good thing because we need to enjoy the summer while we can. I hope that next year could be just like this and even better as a crew. I can say it was a good day spent.
Views of Us Leaving to Spectacle Island
Then today at Courageous which sadly was our last day we finally caught a lobster, and it was awesome! All the staff at Courageous was measuring it to see if someone could take it home to eat and it surprisingly turned out to be a perfect size. But in the end we returned it to the ocean. Later on that day, I just colored with the girls and they were just saying how they enjoy fishing.

The Lobster We Caught at Courageous
At Community Boating it was the usual, new class learning about pollution and the trash that surrounds the Charles River and how we could take care of the environment. It was sad though because that would be the last class for Community Boating which hit me because I think I'm going to miss it. I enjoyed and I’ve learned so much at Courageous and Community Boating, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next year.

-Till Next Time, Nieomi

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