Monday, August 15, 2016

First Week On All Access

At George's Island

  Our first week on all access was George's island. we was excited to go to the island because it's our first week on are sight and excited to bring other camper's from different community to visit George's island. Last week kids was excited to go to the island because it was there first time going on the boat and first time going to an island. Early on the morning when we was heading to the boat some of the kids thought we was going on a big boat, one of the fancy boats but they thought wrong but they enjoy being on the boat. On the boat some of the kids like to play quack delleomack quack quack quack but they don't want to face the king of the game so some of the kids be calling me to have rematch so they could face the champion but they always lose every time they face me, but at the end of the day they beat me because i'll let them win.
  When we got to George's island some of the kids didn't really want to play sports but we found few of them, some of the kids was interesting going on the adventure at George's and going fishing with Andrea. also, my favourite part of the day at george's island was hearing kids screaming at the tunnel because some of the kids ask us if it was scary going to the tunnel but i told them am not sure gotta find out them self so i heard them screaming it was so funny so they came to me that  wasn't scary but eventually i told them i heard them from far away, so i started joking around with them. Some of the kids wanted to play a game so we started football team i was the captain and christian, i pick the kid with the glasses so i started laughing because i had a kid with the glasses and and few girls on my team but they thought wrong so i told christian never judge the book by it's cover so we started beating them but at the end of the day all of us had fun and experience about george's island.    

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