Friday, August 26, 2016

Last Day Of Children's Museum

Last week I was at Children's Museum for the first time and it was kinda different from all the other sites I've been to this summer. Mostly this summer I've been at Piers Park or All Access. In the morning when I got to the museum, there was a big tent and that's where we had the touch tank with the crabs and the Velcro fishing for the little kids to go "fake-fishing". On the dock in front of the museum is where we went fishing, actuallll fishing.

I was surprised at how many of the kids already knew what they were doing while fishing, many of them told me stories about going fishing with their dads, or grandpa or other family members and how they would catch all different types of fish. Then others were just learning for the first time how to fish and asked me all types of questions like "Are there actually fish here?" "Will I catch a shark?" "Why is this taking so long?" I had a lot of fun talking with different kids and also showing them the crabs and teaching them the difference between a girl crab and a boy crab, and how they lose their legs sometimes and many of them asked "do they pinch?" "Yes, yes they do indeed," I would say from experience. Although my time was short at Children's Museum, it was pretty memorable.

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