Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I first want to thank everyone at Save The Harbor for making this summer a memorable one. I have met so many new faces and to be honest, I'm glad that I did. I spent my last day at Carson on Friday and it made me sad that it was the last day of Save The Harbor. Over the last two months I have did things that I have never done before, thanks to the amazing people that I worked with this summer. Whether it was trying to do back flips on the beach, or interact with kids more than usual. Everyone this year was able to get me to do something new, and break out of my comfort zone, This year was about new relationships and new experiences. I have new friendships with people I would have never thought. And I've had a chance to experience new things based off of those friendships. It was an amazing summer with amazing people. I am saddened that the summer has to come to an end. It was a great summer to work with Save The Harbor as is every summer. I wish everyone luck in their fall travels. Until next summer everyone, Preston.


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