Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fishing on the Pier

hello again!
When a group comes to Carson and says that they want to go fishing, I almost jump with joy. The kids get so excited to go fishing. They run and jump and always get so excited to fish. They cast, and reel, and in some cases, I am not the only teacher in the group!
In one of the last fishing trips, one of the campers had shown so much leadership skills that she started helping me teach. She explained how to cast and reel, and took extra time with kids who were having trouble. She also insisted on calling me over when she could not answer a question. She took charge, and really impressed me! She also proved to be a very patient teacher as well.
She impressed me big time with how well and how strong of a leader she is. She both helped me and more importantly helped the others in her group. She is a great leader, and I won't be surprised when she does great things in the future.

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