Saturday, August 20, 2016

Staff day, Chaff day

 I enjoyed staff day the most out of all the days that week because we were allowed to wind down and relax with each other for the day. I went into the field at the top of the hill for the first time on spectacle island and I played an intense game of frisbee with my staff, such as Luke, Bridget, Amy, Kristen, Ian, Amanda, Ary, etc. We wanted to hit a streak higher than the one before and the highest we got to without dropping it was 25. It took a long time but we were determined to do it before lunch time. Or else no lunch (jk).

After lunch we went to the beach to go swimming, the water was freezing, it must've been high tide since the water was super deep. I took like five steps and it was already up to my shoulders. The waves weren't crazy that day and everyone got in. The water felt really cold but also really refreshing since I was on the hill roasting in the sun earlier. I certainly got to know more staff and socialize with them and I'm much more comfortable with everyone than I was at the beginning of the summer.

All Summer 16
Kharliyah Ortiz

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