Monday, August 22, 2016

From Passing a Football To a Rugby Game

Now that all the kids learned how to play "Mafia," that's the only game they want to play. They don't get tire of it. They want to play it in the morning, during their park time, and even during capture the flag. Today as usual, the first thing they wanted to play was "Mafia," but they also wanted to play "Extreme Wonder Ball". While one of the staff from Piers Park went to look for the ball, the kids would just hang around and talk to each other. She couldn't find the ball that we use to play the game, so she brought a small puffy football. The kids and some staff started too play Mafia, while me and other staff started to pass the the little football to each other. The kids usually play more than one game of Mafia, but today every time that someone got disqualified, they came and stayed to play with us. In less than ten minutes the Mafia game was over, so the kids, out of nowhere got all together in between the staff that were playing with the football. Every time a staff got the ball all the kids went after him/her and started to wrestle for the ball. They were trying to take the ball from us while we tried to pass or catch it. Every time one kid got the ball, the rest of the kids spread out to give him/her more space and options and also to make it harder for us to get the ball from them. Almost every one of them knew how to play football and that made it more fun and harder at the same time because they were good and at the same time they were making it hard for us to keep the ball for a long time. We had the ball for a longer time than them, but when they had the ball they at least made it a little hard for us to get the ball from them. It was a nice game and the kids had fun and I'm sure that some of them did or tried something new.

- Cristian Berlioz 

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