Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chess Daily

Its unreal to see how our staff has developed into an great group of educated, young professional, chess players.

Checkmate, Maeve
By now you've probably seen my post titled "The Game of Strategy" in which I speak highly about this game, Chess. Its unreal to think that we started off as basic, subpar, chess players to now well skilled individuals who educate the children of Camp HarborView on environmental issues and also develop their skills.
Maeve teaching a camper "The Ropes"

The kids normally start off asking questions such  as "Why are we playing this?" and "How do the pieces move?" All normal questions to ask. Most times the kids start off hating the game but after playing during our downtime they normally end up becoming amazed by such a unique game. There are also the students of Mr. Sumpter, the chess master, who take it easy on most of us but now are challenged by our level of understanding and discipline. The transformation is amazing.


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