Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Art is Beautiful

HIII guys!!

I hope everyone had a terrific week; this weekend’s event was with this great professional sand raking men Andre. He went to Carson beach to teach us some great designs along with the kids. He thought us how to make flowers and different designs. The kids did pretty well. They were all fast learners and we're ready to take over all of the beach shores and make it into a beautiful flowery place. Although it was so hot, we didn't give up and at the end of the day, he showed us some cool designs for just us staff to work together. I honestly did not think we would pull it off but the result at the end was amazing.

When I looked at the pictures that he took, it was just so incredibly, I still cant believe how amazing it was. That same week, we had an event at constitution beach and the purpose of that event was also sand raking. Many adults more then kids participated and they were all so exited. I saw all of the amazing designs that they all made and it was all beautiful. Everyone was welcome to participate. Andre is a great artist, his artwork is all so amazing and what is most beautiful is that he has a great passion for it. He shared his amazing artwork and talent with so many people and not everyone is as humble as he is. Thank you Andre for the amazing experience.

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