Monday, August 29, 2016

Good Bye Pier's Park

What a summer! To everyone's that been keeping up with my posts, these past weeks were awesome! I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have been fishing with kids, the other staff and the captains who lent their boats! Having access to the various equipment from the office made work awesome! I miss the kids already and as I am sitting at home on my sofa writing my final blog post I can see the fun adventures I had this entire summer whenever my eyes close! This job in summary consisted of a lot of fishing, finding life (insects, crustaceans, fish, and any other moving creatures) around the area, running around with children in various games (i.e. Capture the Flag, Sharks & Minnows, Drip-drip-drench, Tag, and randomly being chased), getting soaked by sprinklers, Jeopardy, learning about sea life, kayaking, beach activities, arts & crafts (drawing and fish printing) and lastly having a blast with the kids. This is my last blog post, I hope all of you that have read my posts up until now have had an amazing summer as well! 

I want to thank Amy Gaylord for looking at my e-mail, Sandra Chen for telling me about this opportunity, Bruce Berman for accepting me into this program and Patty for leading the whole Save the Harbor and Save the Bay site in Boston! The staff at Pier's park were fun individuals who worked hard to make not only their day spectacular, but the kids' days as well! The Pier's Park team who consisted of people who were here from the beginning, to folks that came either one day or a few were really all a great help, a lot of fun, creative and responsible individuals! Shout outs to Amanda for being a mother goose to some of the kids, Rusenny for being their day one and growing as an  individual, Sam who came only the last few days, but her presence felt like she was at our site all summer, Christian a.k.a. Pablo the rookie Capture the Flag score breaker, Ary the realest m.v.p. making sure that the kids were listening, and Sean the story teller, blue berry and banana every day man, always had something educational to teach the kids and very much a core person that held all the L.H.E.'s and J.P.A.'s together to co-function as a strong unit and the list could go on! Ever-fi was educational and I also want to give thanks to John Hancock for the MLK scholars programs, they did a remarkable job running their annual program for their 4th year I believe! I hope that the new folks who join S.T.H./ S.T.B. in the future have at the minimum as much fun as I did!

Raymond Chai

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