Saturday, August 13, 2016

Olliepalooza !

WOOOO, Olliepalooza

Being a resident from South Boston this event really gets me excited. Nothing brings the community closer together than events like these. From the slush icee's to the Kayem hot dogs that are served to all - this event is truly phenomenal. As everyone knows, this years event was held on arguably the hottest day this summer. And when I say everyone I am referencing those who heard my minute by minute commentary on the weather that did nothing but potentially make us hotter.
Nora telling some great stories to a young lad

The evening went well. It was right after our fan pier fishing tournament. We had great staff attend and things ran smoothly for the children. We did some fish printing and a ton of story telling with Nora our Pirate friend.

There was not a dull moment at this event. Personally I think its because of the free Hood Ice Cream cups but hey thats just me.


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