Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saying Goodbye To All Access

On Thursday, we all went to Spectacle Island for the last time this summer. On the boat ride there I took a couple of moments to just look out into the water and feel the nice cool breeze which I really had been enjoying this whole summer. I tried to take it in as much as I could because I knew summer was soon coming to an end. When we got to Spectacle, we had lunch and then did sports and fishing. I did fishing and it was an exciting day for all the kids that went fishing because after weeks of only catching a couple crabs at Spectacle, we finally got a fish! The little boy I was helping waited and waited so patiently until we began to see the rod bending and he yelled "I think I caught a fish! I think I caught one!!" Andrea then rushed over to help him and they both managed to bring the Skate out of the water. It made me really happy to see how amazed the kids were that they actually caught a fish after a long hot day. Afterwards we put it in the touch tank with the crabs for the kids to see and touch, and it was the best day ever for them. 

The last day at Spectacle and on all access was truly a memorable one. 

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