Monday, August 15, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Blacks Creek

Hey Everyone,

I am a little upset because Blacks Creek has come to an end. I cant believe summer is almost over! I am so thankful to have worked at Blacks Creek, this has been by far my favorite summer. I loved the experience and I got to know the kids and I absolutely love every single one of them, even those that did not listen. My favorite activity at Blacks Creek would have to be when we used to go up to the field and play games with them. I loved playing uncle sam, museum, blink killer but my favorite game would be gaga ball. The kids would love for me to play with them so they could get me out because I would always win. I cant believe its all over so fast. I loved the nature walk, the morning name games, the company of every single kids.

Every morning I would love waking up to be there with them because I know every day would be a wonderful and adventures day. I enjoyed every single day at Blacks Creek. If I come back next year to work for Save the Harbor I would love to go back to Blacks Creek just because I loved it there so much and I would honestly love to see all the kids that I care for now. I would be so happy to see them again and enjoy my summer with them again. The parents are so incredibly, when they said goodbye, they couldn't thank us enough. they said we were so great and that their child had a wonderful time that they couldn't wait for next year. They also said that we did a wonderful job and they hope to see us going back next time. It was so touching listening to how proud and thankful they all were. I am so happy that I got to be part of their summer and thankful that they made my summer incredibly wonderful.

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