Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meeting Marty Walsh & Awesome day at Tenean!

Hey everyone, it's Mauricio again and I'm back with more from this summer. This time it'll be all about how I met the mayor and how fun it was at Tenean Beach day! It was a cloudy Saturday morning and I had to attend Tenean beach day with Kristen and Jahari! When I got there I was very surprised it was a great event. There were many games and activities. They had a mini treadmill, bouncy houses, soccer, basketbal, football , and even a gaming truck. We had fish printing going and Nora was telling pirate stories and teaching the kids pirate skills.
The best part of the day was getting to meet Mayor Marty Walsh. I have met Menino before so this wasn't anything new, but its a new Mayor and hes a great guy. Hes done a lot for Dorchester and the city of Boston. From helping clean the beaches and getting more parks in the city. I'm glad we have a good man like him in Office. Also there was free food so I was even more happy. -Mauricio

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