Monday, August 15, 2016

BCYF Curley Beach Jam

Hi everyone!

This past Thursday was a day I thought would never end. After the Fan Pier Fishing Tournament (see my previous blog post), I attended the Curley Beach Jam in South Boston with two coworkers, Sarah and Andrea. We set up our supplies on a table near the community center, and welcomed any and all folks who wanted to make a fish print. We had a few t-shirts to give out, and boy did those go fast! A few people were able to make a fish print that they could wear, and those people were of all ages. A few kind grandparents made shirts for their grandchildren who could not attend, and the others went to the creators of the shirt themselves.

Proud new owner of a fish print t-shirt!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that we would be serenaded by a variety of live artists throughout the night. These artists were of all ages, including young kids, grown adults, and even teenagers. It was really great to see a community gathering that such a wide variety of ages could enjoy. Whether it was the music, fish printing, free hot dogs, or the waves and the sand, there truly was something for everyone! After almost every kid at the event had made a fish print, it was time to go home, and my incredibly long, hot, exhausting, wonderful day started to come to an end.

Until next time!
Jessie G.

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