Monday, August 15, 2016

Sand raking at Carson

This past Friday at Carson, we had a professional sand raking artist come to show us how to make designs by sand raking. He was very patient, clear, and fun to work with. The kids loved it! They all got rakes and paper instructions to make specific designs.  They drew flowers up and down the beach in the sand. He worked hand and hand with the kids and along side staff to create the best artwork I have ever seen on the beach. The kids loved it as well. They were amazed at what they could do. So was I!
 Even the staff were amazed at how he helped us create the art work as well. He helped us through the process and gave the group guidance. Together we made amazing art work. Sadly it is not there anymore, but it's work like this that kids will always remember and people always cherish most. The art work done on the sand will be shared through the photos and memories of all involved.

Till next time-Joe

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