Friday, August 12, 2016

Fishing Tournament

Hi everyone,

This past Thursday we all got a break from our normal routine as we competed in the annual Fan Pier fishing tournament. We broke into groups of 2-4 and journeyed into the harbor in search of some stripers and blue fish. We were accompanied by the captain of the boat and a professional fisherman. This was my first time fishing from a boat, and it did not disappoint! Between the four of us, my group reeled in 5 blue fish that were around 36 inches each. We also caught a poggie that we used to try and catch a striper, but we were unsuccessful in that venture.

We each spent at least five minutes reeling in our individual blue fish, and it was a five minute work out. These were the biggest fish I had ever seen in person, and their weight reflected that! The fish fought each of us, and at times it seemed we would never get them in. Once they got close enough to see the boat, they would panic and swim fast in the opposite direction, so it was difficult to get them close enough to pull in. We each took a picture with our prized catch, and proceeded to throw each of them back.

This was such a great day spent on the water, and I was thrilled to have caught my first ever fish!

Until next time,
Jessie G.
Abdi with a bent rod!

Sean was brave enough to hold his fish!

I was not!

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