Monday, August 15, 2016

What's a summer without some more beach days?

It was August 5th, an extraordinary, and I mean a not your typical Friday, where S.T.H./S.T.B. staff united to unleash their inner amazing. When I thought that the event weeks prior at Carson Beach was amazing, that was partly due to the fact that I had yet to experience a day where all the staff got together!

I was stationed at the fishing area, it was there that the kids and I picked up these small blobs and had somewhat of a water balloon war! We saw many small schools of fish that looked like guppies who were too fast and smart to be caught. Every now and then, we reeled in a crab that would finish a piece of fish midair hanging from a hook! I was able to win over the hearts of the kids that came to the fishing station to touch or even hold a crab for their very first time.

Around noon we had a huge bonding moment, staff-to-staff, kids-to-staff, anyone-to-everyone when we sang along to some songs together. I almost forgot to mention that there were plenty of delicious hot dogs too! In this next photo you can see me brimming with excitement to dash into the wash as fast as possible when it was decided that everyone was going to get wet.

-Raymond Chai

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