Sunday, August 14, 2016

Flowers in the Sand

This is the small flower that I made
Hello everybody. On Sunday the 14th I was at Constitution beach in East Boston for a sand raking event with Andres Amador. It was very hot out but we made the best of it. First, everybody got a rake and a piece of paper with some examples of flowers since we were about to cover the beach in large flowers. Second, everybody spread out and gave themselves plenty of space to make a giant flower. I made 2 big flowers and then one small one but they were all different which was the important thing.

As I was in the middle of one of my flowers, Bruce came over to me and recommended that I wet my hat to stay cool. It really helped and after that the heat wasn’t so bad anymore. We kept drawing in the sand until it was time to take some pictures. The artist, Andres, had a drone that was flying above our heads and taking pictures of the flowers. He was controlling it from the ground and it was such a cool invention. We were only in the sun for 2 hours or so and overall, we had a really fun day making some beautiful art.


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