Monday, August 15, 2016

fishing tournament .. more like splashing tournament

Recently we had our annual fishing tournament and for the first time out of the two years I've been working with Save the Harbor Save the Bay, this year was my first year to attend. It was such a blast being able to go out for a day and do what we do best, which is fish and have a blast while doing it. As soon as we got there we had breakfast and then we had to chose our groups. Our group had Khar, Me, Amanda and her guest. We fished for about an hour then pulled up the lines to only find out something was nibbling on our bait. Fishing on the boat was way different compared to fishing on a dock. Usually you could feel every movement within holding a rod on a dock but on the boat you’d have to either feel a tug or some type of pulling movement. We also used this fancy fish attraction that sort of looked like the skeleton inside an umbrella and it had multiple lures and hooks so if you wanted to you could catch 10 fish at the same time. We had the honor of going on our captains boat and let me tell you she was beauty. After fishing for a while the heat really turned up on us so the captain took us for a ride to a spot where we could swim. He anchored the boat and within two seconds we were already in the water. It was such a hot and beautiful day we just had to get into that water. The captain tied the raft to the boat and we all enjoyed the sun kissing our face.

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