Friday, August 26, 2016

Peace out Piers Park!

First time we caught a fish!
The Park!!!
Hey guys,
Today was unfortunately my last day at Piers Park. I had so much fun there this summer. I started out with Sean, Ray, Ary and Rusenny. I remember how we all came in on day 1 and none of us knew what we were doing. We showed up on a rainy day and did not know what to expect. That was the day we all learned how to filet a fish from Ray, who had filet a fish for the first time. Then, sadly, Rusenny switched to All Access, but we got Cristian. By the time Cristian came, Sean, Ray, Ary and I were already experts at Piers Park and he quickly learned the ropes. He joined my team for capture the flag, and helped us win a bunch a games. He was a good addition to the team. I worked with a lot of good people this summer, not only the Save the Harbor staff but the Piers Park staff also consisted of pretty amazing people.
Chilling on the dock
Each week we got new kids and each week we had a lot of fun. It was so nice to see how the kids loved the program so much. Zach would tell us how all the parents would tell him that their kids had a lot of fun, which meant we were doing a great job. There is this one girl who I do not think I can forget. Her name is Hannah. Hannah joined us for two different weeks, but in week one she ran into a problem. During lunch I was talking to Ray when I see Hannah standing in front of me crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she did not have any friends. That moment really broke my heart because I know that I've been in that awkward position. So I helped her talk to some people and Ray told two girls to play with her at the park. Then when she came back last week she had no problem fitting in.
Work out much?
One of Zach's many lessons
It was very interesting for me, to see how in the beginning of the summer we caught so many spider crabs, but towards the middle and end, we did not really see spider crabs, only rock crabs and green crabs. We also did not see any fish during the month of July, but August blessed us with so many fish that we caught. And even Eels! This week and last week you could even see the schools of little minnows swimming in the harbor.
First time I filleted a fish
Celebrating an end to such an amazing summer!
This summer was filled of firsts from the first time I went to Piers Park to first time I filleted a fish. The first time I held a spider crab to the first time a kid called me Mom. It was honestly a great summer, and my only regret is that I wish I did not drop my phone in the harbor, and then drop my replacement into a crab tank. I braided so much hair this summer, and got my hair done so many times. I learned so much from Zach's lessons about marine life. It was an amazing summer full of so many amazing experiences. I am so grateful for this summer. Huge shout out to Sean, Ray, Ary and Cristian for being such amazing people at such an amazing site. #PiersPark2k16 #SummerFun #Farewell
The Piers Park group that was there the entire summer celebrating Ray's Birthday

Much love guys<3  It's been real!

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