Thursday, August 18, 2016

Coming Back to CHV

Hello again fellow adventurers!

Look at all those excited campers!
After some time apart, I was finally reunited with Camp Harbor View this week! Although I had to sacrifice some beauty rest, getting out on the harbor with a boat full of eager campers and watching the sun rise over the Boston skyline makes the morning commute well worth it. After breakfast and the morning announcements, the kids and staff were released onto the island to begin another day of fun activities. We did meet with the usual fishing club kids in the afternoon, and we even caught ourselves a striped bass! The real excitement didn't come from a day of fishing however, because it was amazing race day on the island!

Instead of running fishing in the morning, we were assigned a station or "leg" of the race. When teams of counselors and kids came to our station, we gave them the task of finding two shells, a crab, a piece of trash per team member, and a piece of a brick. Once all of these had been found, the group received a clue to their next location. Although there was no cash prize for the winning team at the end, the amazing race taught the contestants many valuable lessons along the way. At our station, we were able to stress the importance of maintaining the harbor by keeping it as clean as possible. By picking up any trash you see, you're only helping the entire ecosystem down the road, as we continue to keep the harbor in pristine condition since the start of our mission twenty years ago. Hopefully after our little exercise, these kids and counsellors won't think twice about picking up stray trash next time they're on the beach!

The Amazing Race!

Until next time, keep on exploring!
-Luke C.

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