Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Staff Day at Spectacle

Story time
This years staff day was one like none other. We started off with an initial plan that took a change in direction first thing in the morning. Then we attempted to try our back up and we still had to use an alternative plan. Thankfully our boss, Bruce, knows a thing or two about strategy.
Good play boys

We had some of our best laughs, experiences, and summer fulfillment together as a cohesive staff on Spectacle this past Monday. On our harbor trip in the morning we shared some amazing stories. Edward told us about his thrilling kayaking trip with the children at his site, Jahari shared his highs of his summer, and I shared the infamous "Save the Harbor/Save the Boxers" story. I felt like a bit of David, our harbor historian, rubbed off on me the way I'm able to share stories with groups now. I guess thats what a few years of AABH will do to one.

Photographer "A" at your service
Our annual All Access vs. No Access kickball game didn't happen but we still played football and frisbee amongst other activities. It was not a traditional staff day, but, we made the best of it. I also learned that I'm a decent photographer. Joe P. lent me a camera which I used to catch some photos throughout the day. I told him about my recent interest in photography and purchase of a Canon T5i DSLR camera. He gave me some pointers as I hope to start a new hobby, photography!

At the end of the day I walked away with nothing but smiles and a watermelon.

It was a good day.


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