Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Best Fishing Trip Ever

As everyone knows this year is my first and so last Thursday we went on a fishing trip. It was also my first fishing trip. I was excited and ready to catch some fish, I knew it was going to be wicked hot that day and we'd be out on the water chilling. I've been on boat back and forth this summer. We met up at the dock near courthouse station and were separated into groups and placed with captains and their boats. This boat was beautiful. It was smaller than the ones I'm usually on. My group included Bella and Amanda and Amanda's guest. Just us four and the captain and his daughter. His boat was nice, it had a living room area, two rooms and two bathrooms, a little kitchen and the top deck. Unbelievable that all that stuff can fit on the boat. So we set up the rods and go around fishing with real bait and lures. We drive around searching for bites but nothing.

We come to a stop and get ready to go swimming. In the middle of the ocean! I was anxious and unprepared. Even though I can swim, knowing that there was no way I would reach the ocean floor that was probably anywhere between 30-50 feet below me is really scary. By the time I decided to jump in everyone was off the boat, onto the raft waiting for me. I gave myself a pep talk and everyone was encouraging me and telling me I should just do it, it's fun and if I know how to swim it'll be fine. I finally just did it and didn't think about it and jumped in. The water welcomed me with a cold splash that was refreshing. I was so happy and proud of myself! After that I was ready to get back up and jump in again.

The funniest thing happened that day. I decided that I wanted to jump off the boat and into the water. The girls and I lined up and the camera is rolling so we're ready then *BOOM*. Guess who slipped? Me! I feel my body going sideways and head first into the water and then I get kicked in the head by Amanda who jumped in before me. Here's a video for all of you to enjoy and laugh and show your friends and family ;D

Kharliyah Ortiz
All Summer 16

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