Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Piers Park and Andres Amador

On Sunday afternoon, a couple coworkers and I attended the Andres Amador Event at Constitution beach. It was extreme.

Mondays are really bad days for me. This Monday was my first time at Piers Park and I got lost on my way there as always. I really thought I could handle it this time. Amanda had to come find me and bring me back to the park. Being at Piers was completely different from All Access. We were like camp counselors and the kids there were the sweetest things ever. They were friendly and interactive with everyone. I met these twins and we stayed together for most of the day talking and playing games. We went down to the dock to check out crab traps and go sailing and kayaking.

I got to take a kayak out with one of the twins and two other girls. We had a blast out on the water searching for periwinkles amongst the rocks and paddling out to the buoys in the water and touching them. We went back in for lunch and a then took a trip to the park and sprinklers. Then we got to play a really intense game of capture the flag. I was on the winning team because we had the best players. Team Shrimp forever! Lastly, we headed back to the dock and kayaked under the dock because the tide was super low. We tried finding starfish, but there weren't any. It was still a fun adventure and I made some great friends with the children there. One of the girls brought her pet kitten and his name was Fifi. He was the cutest thing ever! I can't wait to go back on Friday.

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