Sunday, August 7, 2016

Boston Seafood Festival 2k16

Today was the Boston Seafood Festival at the fish pier and it was really fun. When we first got there we thought we only had the fish printing station that belonged to us, but it turned out we had shell painting too! A lot of the kids came to paint their shells and while many of them just splashed paint on them mixing cool colors, others were really creative and made some really cool designs on them. Nieomi and I got really creative with them too. At first I drew patrick and Nieomi started drawing Dory. So then I decided to draw Spongebob and she would draw Nemo so that each could have their pair.    My Patrick came out way better than Spongebob, but hey, at least I tried.

Another cool thing we got to enjoy was the free temporary tattoos! It was so cool because there were so many cool designs to choose from and it was all for free! They came out looking really nice too. I definitely would've gotten more but there were a bunch of kids waiting to get there own. So far this has really been one of my favorite weekend events!

Nieomi's, Bella's, and my tattoo!

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