Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Catching Flounders At Piers Park!

Yesterday was a cool, foggy day at Piers Park. We did the usual Monday routine of welcoming all the kids and playing the name game, where you say your name, favorite food, and favorite sea animal. After that the kids played 'fishy fishy cross my ocean' and then we went down to the dock. Some kids went sailing, others kayaking, and the rest stayed fishing and baiting the crab traps. After a while of being on the dock, all I heard was the kids screaming "WE CAUGHT A FISH! WE CAUGHT A FISH!" Quickly I rushed over to the fishing rods only to see that it wasn't on any of the fishing rods, instead it was in one of the crab traps! And there wasn't only one flounder, there were two!

This was very exciting for the kids and they started asking all kinds of questions like "why are their eyes like that?" "what do they eat?" "can we keep them?" Many of them wanted to touch and hold them and we had to remind them that they couldn't be taken out of the water for too long because that is how they breathe. They were so excited to hold the flounders and learn more about them, I was pretty amazed too because it was my first time catching a fish at Piers Park, even if it was just in the crab trap.

The harbor is truly alive!

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