Monday, August 8, 2016

fun under the sun

meet one of my favorites

On friday we had an annual event of the summer which was a great place to be right before the summer ends at Carson Beach, where we host one the biggest events ever. Thanks to Save the Harbor Save the Bay and other partners, we are able to give your children an experience of which sometimes has no words because it is was more fun than words could ever say. There's was so much to do you didn't even know where to start! We had fishing, sports, fish printing, clamming, face painting and body art, story telling, the whole nine yards! The kids were so excited and happy when they got there it was amazing seeing all of them around with such joy. Of course my fellow coworkers and I did the face painting and body art as you see in the photos. The day went by so fast and once it was time for everyone to jump in the water we knew it was too good to be true and it was almost time for everyone to go.

body art

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