Monday, August 1, 2016

The Event at Hull

Today I had an event in Nantasket. On our way there we took the Purple Line. It seemed like the longest train ride I have ever been on.
Once we got there I felt welcomed already. They had stands everywhere with different activities to be entertained by. Our table was the black-topped one with the fancy fish. The fancy fish was a medium-sized flounder fish, which was being used to make prints using white special paper.

Fish printing!

My group had lots of kids come to our table. They were fascinated by being able to pick their own colors of ink. The people who came over to our table stand freaked out because the flounder was a once a live fish. Those who we knew wouldn't handle the truth we told them it was a fake flounder. Afterwards we took pictures with some of the kids and parents. Joe took the picture which came out great. Later that day Mary the pirate showed up. She was wearing her fancy suit. She was there giving stories to kids. Nora is good at what she does and I give her credit for that. Later, when there weren't any kids coming around anymore, some of us decided to walk around to see the other stands. We noticed a lot of great things to be entertained by, but what really caught my eye was the animal show they had.

Kids check out the animal show.
-Edward Calderon

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