Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Box of Chalk (Focus on the Good)

We're running out of bait. We've gone through mackerel, cod, flounder, rubber fish, ham, and corn. And we're running out of rubber fish. Yes, it is possible. We have to keep cutting the lines, and now we're down to two rubber fish when we started off with five. It's a little hectic, and interesting to explain to the kids that yes, that is corn on the line and no, that isn't a real fish, but the fish in the water think it's real.
Help me, Wilson.
So, on that note, despite our running out of bait, we did catch a fish recently. Ironically it was caught in our crab trap, but hey, it's still a fish. Yay!
This week has been a little slow so far. I'm looking forward to the Beach Bash on Friday, where all of Save the Harbor Save the Bay goes to Carson. It'll be a nice change of pace, and a fun experience.
With a lot of down time comes a lot of time to think and reflect. One of my favorite moments today was with this little boy and a box of chalk. Recently we got a box of chalk to keep at the museum, and for kids to draw on the ground. One boy this morning was drawing with the chalk, and when he was done he returned every piece to the box, picked up the box, walked over to us and gave us a small little 'Thank you.' It was a small, seemingly passing gesture, but it really warmed my heart.
I get to interact with a lot of people at the Children's Museum, and I've seen a lot of different attitudes. I've seen the some of the politest people, and some people I'd rather not interact with. But focusing on the bad will get me no where. So I've made it my goal to focus on the good encounters. The kids who are eager to learn and courteous. The parents who want to learn as well and help their children. Little acts of politeness and kindness can really go a long way.

The Great Sidewalk Art of Yours Truly (I'm a naming genius as well)
A Box of Chalk that Helped Make My Day Better
Our Rubber Fish We are Running Out Of
Corn (Didn't people use fish to fertilize cornfields once?)

Ham! Ponyo Wants Ham! (ten points if you get this reference)

Sarah M

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