Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Messy Monday at the Museum

This week I'm back at the children's museum and the weather has been very cooperative with us. This week the water wasn't looking so good and we barely caught crabs, but luckily we caught just enough so show the kids. You can identify green Crabs by their five points in the front which ironically spell out "GREEN". But, of course they couldn't believe it when we told them they were caught just out here in the Fort Point Channel. On Mondays the Boston Children's Museum has an event outside called “messy Monday's” not only do they get messy but they are definitely creative and have as you can see in the photo of the left. This is a wooden block with colorful paper that pop up with hearts and so much more. I thought it was very clever to have the kids make their own masterpiece.
-Isabella Perez 

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