Monday, August 8, 2016

Beach Bash 2016

This past Friday was the Beach Bash and Splash. I look forward to this event every year. Although it was really hot, that didn't stop us from having fun. There were a lot of kids from different camps, and our staff were split to different stations. We were doing fish printing, face painting, sand raking, fishing, sports and crabbing. I was stationed at sports and we were playing soccer with the kids. The kids were really really good and that surprised me because when I was their age, I wasn't nearly as good as them. We kept going back and forth and the kids kept scoring and scoring until we lost track of the score because there were so many goals being scored. After the game, Bruce called everyone to sing a song. After the song, everyone was asked to splash in the water at the same time. On the count of 3 everyone jumped in the water. It was really fun because it was so hot and it felt good to go in the water. After that we had lunch and we went back to playing soccer. It was really fun and I'm glad to have been a part of it.
Splashing in the WATER!

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