Monday, August 8, 2016

Trying to Pull up this Lobster Trap!

Hey Guys,

On Monday it started off slow at Courageous, then as the kids continued to fish I met two sweet girls, Adele and Fiona, and they kept making jokes with me and telling me how they enjoy fishing which was really nice because some of kids don’t have as much patience.

Fiona and Adele Fishing at Courageous
As the day continued, Andrea and Sam went to go check on the Lobster Trap, and this trap had been under the water for more than 6 years. It was such a struggle because it was super heavy and all of the kids joined in to pull it up but nothing worked. We had to tie a rope to the lobster trap because it kept breaking and nothing worked which was disappointing. Everyone was so determined to see what was in it but I’m sure it was just mud and mussels.
Everyone trying to pull up the Lobster Trap
The other lobster traps had two little green crabs and they were so adorable. All the girls walked over to me and were like, “Can I hold the little baby?” They were the cutest crabs ever.

The Two Baby Green Crabs we found in the Lobster Trap
At the end of the day we were at Community Boating and there was a new class so they learned how to fish. I was with Kharliyah and a group of girls separated from everyone else and they were so nervous because they didn’t know what to do. One of the girls caught a Bluegill Sun Fish and it was so beautiful. It was also the first time I unhooked a fish from the fishing rod.

Bluegill Sunfish
Well, until next time everyone, 

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