Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Beach Bash!

The Beach Bash we had on Friday was epic! So many kids came to see what was going on at Carson! It was so fun. There were camps from all over Boston that came down to enjoy a hot day at the beach with Save The Harbor. From frisbee, to soccer, to football, to free ice cream on the pavilion, everything made the kids smile. I love the free ice cream that was provided. My favorite flavor, vanilla. Not to mention the free jerky they were giving out as well. These two kids bet each other that they could out eat the other with the cups of ice cream. As you can see, my friend John on the left easily beat Wence.  

Everyone meet my friend Madelyn here. She's five years old, and we were in the middle of the face painting line. She's come down to the beach with The Ollie preschool many times before this, and she's a great kid. I taught her how to throw a football one day and now she's always itching to play catch. She loves frisbee and digging in the sand. We saw each other in the face painting line and it was a must that we take a picture together. She ended up with a tiger on her face, and somehow she convinced me to let her draw a jellyfish on my arm. It was a great day to be at the beach, especially if you were a kid. Until next time, keep on exploring, Preston.

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