Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Family FUN Night!

So much happened on Family Fun Night! So many families came down to enjoy a night at the beach, along with exciting activities for the kids. I started out by making bracelets with my friend Brian. He made me a blue one with a football. I made him a green one with a baseball on it. He said it was better than the one his older sister made him and he wishes that he made her a cool one like the baseball one. The one he made me was the third one that I got that day! I just might have to wear them all at once since they're so great.

After making superstar bracelets with Brian, I stormed the beach with a 12 foot beach ball! It was probably the most fun that I've had so far this summer. Just seeing a 12 foot beach ball going back and forth across the beach is a sight in itself. People stopped just to watch us play with it. Kids were teaming up together to push it up and down the beach. They even pretended it was a super monster beach ball and were running away from it, pretending it was going to get them. So many smiles and laughs were produced by this over sized ball of fun. It was a great family night and can't wait for more to come. Until next time, and keep saving the harbor, Preston.

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