Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Cosmo and Wanda at Carson?

Took a break from being Odell and picked up a piece of chalk on Friday at Carson. It was a totally different experience. I'm usually known for my athletic ability, not my artistic ones. I sort of surprised myself too as I was using the chalk. I went from the tic-tac-toe champ to Picasso himself in the blink of an eye. A little kid asked me if i could draw Cosmo and Wanda, and without even thinking I said "yeah, I can draw anything." After realising what just happened, I find myself on the floor drawing Cosmo and Wanda. Nine out of Ten times I would have never picked up a piece of chalk to begin with, now I'm drawing cartoon characters like I draw on a daily basis. To my surprise, I actually did a pretty good job. Well, for someone who doesn't use chalk in their daily routine, I did pretty well. The kids and their counsellors thought I did a pretty swell job as well. Never knew I could draw. I appreciate that kid who asked if I could draw them, without him I probably wouldn't have tried ever. Now I literally think I can draw anything. This blog is for you buddy!

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