Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A break from the kids

Hello everybody. So usually people think Mondays are boring but this Monday was an exception because it was staff day for Save the Harbor. We took the ferry to Spectacle Island for the day and we did a lot of activities. In total the staff consists of about 30 people so we had tons of sandwiches, chips and water. When we landed on the island we put all of the food down and we ran up the hill to one of the highest points on the island. When we got up there we basically split into two groups. There was a group for frisbee and a group for football. I decided to play football because I am not good at frisbee at all. We played a really long game in the blaring sun for a while until we needed water and we decided to go back down to the dock.

We ate lunch under a big tent in the shade where we had delicious subs, chips and cookies.  After lunch we went in the ocean for a swim to get a release from the heat. The shore was really rocky so you needed sandals to walk down to the water. Of course only a handful of us actually had water shoes so it was a struggle to get into the water but once we did it felt great. The water was super refreshing and we played some frisbee. When we got out we relaxed for a little while before the ferry came to take us home. We had a great day on Monday playing with our coworkers and friends on Spectacle. We all love working with kids but it was nice for a change to spend the day with our friends. I love the people I work with but now it’s time to get back to work with the kids this week.

See you later

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