Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spectacular Staff Day at Spectacle

Hello again fellow adventurers!

All of the hard work we've been putting into making this summer the best summer ever was finally rewarded with everyone's favorite day of relaxation, staff day! After quite the morning debacle, a broken down boat, a last minute ferry ride, and a quick island hop, we eventually landed on Spectacle Island. With all of the essentials packed, lunches, sports gear, and of course bathing suits, we were ready for a beautiful day to ourselves.

The before.....

In my element
We began the day with some friendly (but competitive) sports. Some staffers got a football game, while myself and a few others tossed the frisbee around. I never waste an opportunity to toss the frisbee, so it makes me extra excited when there's a group of people down to toss it around! After about an hour of sports, we had all worked up an appetite to devour the mass amount of food we brought along to the island. With our bellies full of J. Pace sandwiches and cookies, it was time to go swimming! (after waiting 30 minutes of course).

Like tossing the frisbee, I take every opportunity I can get to go swimming. Since I was little I've been swimming in lakes, ponds, and the ocean all over the South Shore and New England. It may not have been like the warm waters of Bermuda, but on a hot day the water was extremely refreshing and a great way to keep cool. Reluctantly, the day had to come to an end, and we waded out of the water to catch the ferry home. All in all I'd say it was another successful staff day, and just what we needed to get everyone through the last few hot weeks of August.

Until next time, keep on exploring!
-Luke C.

....and the after!

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