Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Seafood Festival

Hey everyone its Jahari again. I hope you guys had a nice weekend because I sure did. I worked Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed both days. On Saturday me and two other coworkers went to a beach in Dorchester called Tenean which I had never heard about and I have been living in Dorchester my whole life. It was a really cool because the Mayor had came by and talked to the people that were at the beach. He also gave our program a shout out! Sunday me and almost all of my other coworkers went to the fish pier (A.K.A the office) and we had the Boston Seafood Festival and did fish printing and clam painting. There were a lot of other programs doing their own thing too. More people came than I thought there would be too so I was surprised by that. Even my family came by! It was a great weekend with Save the Harbor Save the Bay.

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