Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Staff Day!

This Monday was Staff Day at Save the Harbor Save the Bay. Basically it was a day for us to relax and explore the harbor on our own without having to worry about kids. And I personally had a blast.
There was a bit of confusion when the day started, regarding what island we would be going to. In the end, we went to Spectacle Island, not the original plan for the day. I've only ever been to George's Island, so I was very excited to go to another island. The fact that there was swimming on Spectacle Island only made me even more excited. Because Spectacle Island wasn't the original plan for the day, all we were told when we arrived was to be back on the docks by 2:15, lunch would be in an hour, and don't take sea glass and pottery shards from the island. Other than that, go wild.
I had so much fun on Monday. It was fun to be able to interact with my co-workers while relaxing, and a change in routine helped. I had the chance to play football, something I haven't done since Powderpuff in November. In the afternoon a bunch of us went swimming, and I spent part of the time on the beach relaxing. It was exactly what I needed, and gave me a burst of energy for going back to work on Tuesday.
It seems to be my luck that whenever I'm not at the Museum or outside, we catch a fish. A few weeks ago, when I was away, they caught a fish. Tuesday, when I ran inside the museum for five minutes, they caught a fish. Well, at least our stretch of not catching fish on the lines has been broken. Yay!
We're still having a bait issue as well. We've started to use sausage in our crab trap, and we even tried using an English muffin on the fishing lines. Ironically, the English muffin was what caught the fish. And crabs seem to like sausage. So yeah, this had been an interesting week, to say the least.

Sarah McRae

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