Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I SEA you!!

On Sunday we participated in an annual seafood festival. We had so much to do there, we had fish printing, clam shell painting, and shirt printing, and of course the kids loved it! It was really great seeing all the kids paint create different patterns and designs on the clams. We also had this wonderful bubble machine which brought most of the attention to our children's section. Although we did not do face painting this time we definitely got our face painted and got body tattoos. All you could see was kids with different designs on their faces and bodies. You might think this is a
bit funny when I tell you that kids weren't the only ones in line to do all of our activities. It was a blast! And of course we can not forget about ALL THE SEAFOOD there. It was really good! For those who missed out on this wonderful event I hope you come next year or soon and visit so that you really understand all the fun I'm talking about about.      

- Isabella Perez-Alvarez


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